Having CLEAN, SAFE water flowing into and throughout your home and making sure dirty water leaves your home completely is what All Water Florida is all about.

We’re proud to offer the highest quality water filtration systems in St Lucie County and beyond. We also are your premier, top-notch plumbing contractors in St Lucie County and beyond.

From our family to yours, we put our genuine concern for quality water and properly installed and operating plumbing and careful attention to detail into each installation and customer relationship. We hope you enjoy our solutions, our work ethic and the results, as we enjoy providing it to you.

Save your pipes, your family and your money with a maintenance free whole house water filtration system from All Water Florida. 

As you just learned, our systems are all-natural, using scientifically verified methods of purifying and filtering your home’s water supply. Our systems can ensure that you avoid health risks from chlorine and chloramine content in many city water systems, or if you are using well water, our systems can prevent the building and calcification or lime that clogs and corrodes pipes and faucets.

The result for you is healthy, cleaner, clearer and odor-free water for showering, washing, bathing, drinking and gardening.

All Water Florida: Port St Lucie Plumbers

Water Heater Installation, Fort Pierce, FL

Water Heater Installation


Hot water is one of the most essential services any home must have available, always. Only someone who has had to deal a day or two without hot water can understand how important it is. We are All Water Florida, a highly experienced plumbing contractor, and we can help!

Whole House Water Filtration


One of the best ways to ensure good quality and safe water in your house or building is by installing a water filtration system. Many times, water from city services contains undesired elements by the time it gets to your property.

Leak Detection and Repair


Water leaks need immediate repair work, always. It doesn’t matter if it is a drip coming out of the bathroom sink or a substantial leak under your slab. Properly performed water leak detection and repair work services are an outright must to protect your home or business property.

Drain Cleaning


A clogged drain causes all kinds of problems for the home or business. All Water Florida offers a top drain cleaning service for homes, restaurants, stores and businesses.

Drains can get clogged with more or less frequency, depending on the use you make of them. For example, a sink in a laundry room is likely to get blocked more often than a kitchen sink.

Drain Cleaning Services Port St Lucie Fort Pierce Stuart FL
Camera Inspection of Pipes Port St Lucie Stuart FL

Camera Inspection of Pipes


Problems with your house’s pipeline system? We can help! All Water Florida is a trusted plumbing company serving the people in Port St Lucie and surrounding area.

24/7 emergency plumbers in Stuart Fort Pierce FL

Emergency Plumbers


When a plumbing emergency, such as a leaking water heater, leak under the slab, or a burst pipe, you need a plumber that will respond quickly with 99% of any needed equipment or part in stock in his / her vehicle. All Water Fl plumbers are stocked and ready!

How does our unique home filtration system protect every drop of water in your home?

Activated Carbon!

When you think of carbon, you may think of charcoal or otherwise, but water filtration? Absolutely! Activated Carbon plays a crucial role in water filtration, it is used for

  • removing chlorination
  • improving taste
  • removing odors
  • organics removal including VOCs.

Neutralizing Crushed Marble

After the carbon, this is used as a sacrificial media that dissolves in acidic water to create a neutral water closer to what you want to be drinking. This process adds some hardness to the water. Crushed marble, a mined material, is used in its natural state. The neutralized acid is drained away!

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron and Manganese

Pyrolox, although it sounds like the name for a sci-fi flick, its actually a naturally mined ore, a mineral form of manganese dioxide. Your new home filtration system will use this in reducing hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese.

The Final Touches

So whats left? Well, we want to make sure that there are no remaining heavy metals, iron or sulfides in the water you will drink, so your clean water will be filtered further through a few more processes, all chemical-free.

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